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Dux Hot Water Systems at Cavana



Dux hot water systems are the biggest locally owned hot water supplier in Australia. You need Dux Hot Water systems.At Cavana hot water we can supply all Dux products at the best prices.dux hot water systems


Electric dux hot water systems.

dux hot water systemsare very common throughout Australia, yet there are benefits and drawbacks for their use. At Cavana, we can help figure out if an electric warm water storage tank is ideal for your needs and for your budget.

Gas Warm water Equipment

dux hot water systemsLike the electric hot water systems above, the gas-powered unit likewise keeps a storage tank of water that is heated in storage space. Dux Warm water has a number of different dimensions depending upon your quantity of use and also your budget. Available in both 4-star as well as 5- star performance, the Dux gas storage system will certainly conserve you investment in comparison to various other systems by considerably lowering warmth loss.

Continuous Circulation

dux hot water systemsA Constant Circulation Warm water System, additionally called on-demand hot water, saves you cash by reducing your power expenses dramatically by only warming the water as you need it. Usually tanks heat the water inside, night and day, no matter whether you require it or not. Why spend for something you are not using? With a 5-star power ranking, the Constant Circulation Warm water System can cut your hot water costs by as high as 40%. And also the excellent advantage is– you’ll never ever lack warm water.

Solar Increased.

Gas or Electric Another option is to make use of solar power to increase your gas or electric- heated water storage tank. With Australia’s sun-rich climate, solar power is a wonderful method to lower power bills while additionally minimizing your own carbon footprint.Solar increased hot water systems are offered in 315L for gas dux hot water systemssystems as well as 250L, 315L, as well as 400L electric units. Your water is warmed successfully with the rays of the sunlight and is gathered on a two or 3 panel arrangement– depending upon the size of your dux hot water systems storage tank.

All Dux Hot Water Systems are available from Cavana Hot Water at the best PRICES and with the best SERVICE so ring us today on 1300 559 425 to discuss all your requirements, WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

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