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Rinnai Hot water systems By Cavana


Rinnai Hot Water systems is a trusted brand name with Australian homeowners. Cavana Warm water can assist you to select from their variety to best match your usage needs and also your spending plan. Our Rinnai array Rinnai hot water systemsincludes:

Rinnai Electric storage system
Rinnai Gas storage space systems
Rinnai continuous circulation systems

Since 1920, Rinnai has been an international brand with a visibility in over eight nations worldwide.Their hot water systems are recognised as amongst the best on the planet for their effectiveness as well as dependability.

Cavana Warm water is an excellent carrier, installer, and servicer for all Rinnai hot water devices.

Supply of Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Cavana Hot Water can develop the ideal Rinnai hot water remedy for your home. Our warm water
specialists will meet you to determine the best device for your budget and your warm water usage.

With our partnership with Rinnai, Cavana Hot Water can make certain that you’ll obtain an excellent price as well as terrific customer service.

Set up of Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Makers of warm water systems each have their very own particular method of doing installations with water heaters, rinnai hot water systems mounted perfectly the very first time. If not installed correctly a generic installer could damage your hot water system or produce or introduce
inefficiencies in keeping your water cozy. Cavana Hot Water will certainly guarantee that your new system will be installed with the perfect precision.

Rinnai Hot Water Systems:-Gas Storage

Our HOTFLO 4 star gas storage warm water systems guarantee you constantly have a lot of hot water when you Rinnai hot water systemsneed it most.Designed to be a fast and also easy substitute for your existing gas storage tank,the Rinnai Hotflo variety supplies you an option of 135 or 170 litre storage space capabilities and also delivers mains pressure warm water to several faucets at once.
They have optimised gas consumption to reduce power useage without compromising an inch of
performance, permitting adequate very first hour delivery ability whilst preserving the life
expectancy of the hot water heater.

Rinnai Hot Water Systems:-Electric

Warm water for every demand.Our industrious series of HOTFLO and also FLOWMASTER Electric warm water storage space systems are readily available in an excellent range if you’re replacing an existing unit you could rinnai hot water systemsconveniently upgrade to a Rinnai.

We have numerous capabilities. From our very portable 25 litre device, to our super sized 400 litre storage space cyndrical tube, there’s a container for every home and also every application. Many thanks to our extensive range.

Continuous Circulation Warm water

Rinnai hot water systemsIn the early 90s, Rinnai revolutionised the method Australians where able to get hot water, when we launched the very first totally digital gas continual circulation hot water system. We called it the Rinnai INFINITY, due to the fact that it never ever ran out of hot water.
Today our Rinnai INFINITY systems are much more sophisticated. Made with the atmosphere in mind, we’ve boosted performance across the range and feature reduced discharge heaters as well as much better water preservation.

Solar Warm water Systems

Tidy, inexhaustible as well as complimentary supply of energy from The Sunlight.
At Rinnai, we’ve established a series of very reliable solar warm water systems to assist you reduce your carbon footprint whilst taking pleasure in savings on the cost of home heating your water.
Conserve money, power, and also the environment.Living in Australia, it just makes good sense to harness the power of our planetary systems.
Our systems are extremely basic with the roofing system installed which are collection agencies taking in the suns energy which heats the water. The warm water is moved to a devoted storage tank on-line. To make sure there’s always warm water for those not so sunny days, an electric or gas booster is installed.


Cavana Hot Water is additionally available for any type of Rinnai repair services. We understand that when or if your system needs repair you want it fixed as quickly as possible. That is why we offer A 24/7 service by our highly professional service group.

Ring us today for the best prices & service for a Rinnai Hot Water Systems on 1300 559 425 WE ARE HERE 24/7 TO HELP when you need service in emergencies.

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